2 in 1 Back Relief Wedge, 10"

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Finally a solution to messy, bulky foam wedges cluttering up your valuable shelf space. The 2 in 1 Back Relief Wedge can be used flat for elevated sleep or upright for relaxing while watching TV or reading. It features an optimal 10" height combines with a doctor recommended angle for digestive, respiratory, and circulation relief. The gradual incline promotes comfortable sleep and support throughout the night. Ideal for both back and side sleepers, the 32" extended length provides full torso support for proper alignment of back. This wedge can quickly inflate and deflate in seconds. Its lightweight and portable design makes it perfect of travel or to store away when not in use. Equipped with EZ Valve Technology, the air release switch allows you to easily remove just the right amount of air to create the ideal height and firmness. The 8-zone chamber stabilizes your body to help relieve painful back discomfort and pressure point. The valve cap closes tightly to prevent air leaks and the heavy-duty, PVC puncture resistant material is durable and long lasting. The non-skid design keeps the wedge in place all night long. Included with your Back Relief Wedge is an air pump to help inflate the wedge to the desired amount.