The AccuMassage Trigger Point Massage Tool is the ideal device to turn to when you've had enough of muscle aches, knots and spasms to the point where you're repeatedly saying, "I need a massage." Your massage has arrived. Specially designed to easily reach the neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet, the AccuMassage precisely locates and alleviates painful trigger points. The unique design is similar to a nutcracker. Two soft but dense golf ball-sized massage balls located at the middle of the tool squeeze down on a targeted area, generating blood flow and a deep soothing sensation. Squeeze the handles close together to find the right amount of pressure needed. Easily, and with little effort, you'll find the desired pressure that works for you and experience the deep release this tool offers. Sore muscles in the back, neck and shoulders are easily soothed while muscle spasms and tension are relieved. Incredibly effective for targeting migraine and myofascial pain. And you know that spot on your back that's always sore and near impossible to reach by yourself? The AccuMassage reaches that spot easily. Perfect for massaging and soothing feet, calves and thighs after long runs. With a variety of positions available, the soft but firm therapy balls allow the unit to accommodate any part of the body while providing a customized and perfect massage. The AccuMassage Massage Tool is durable, versatile and one of the most effective self-massagers available. Please note, minimal assembly requiring no tools is required. The included gripping cord is incredibly helpful in extending reach, especially when it comes to massaging parts of the back and the shoulder areas. Each ball can be placed in one of three different positions to accommodate larger body parts or offer body massage variations. The AccuMassage is a breeze to disassemble and it stores easily. Lightweight and portable, the unit conveniently folds down to travel size to take massage relief on the go. The device is multifunctional, with an arm removed, turning it into a DIY percussion/tap massager. Easy to clean, needing only a warm damp cloth and some mild soap.

AccuMassage Trigger Point Massage Tool

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