Bullseye Elbow Strap, Small/Medium

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Bullseye Brace
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The Bullseye Elbow Strap is designed to help relieve elbow pain due to tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) or golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis) with compression support. Lateral or medial epicondylitis pain is typically caused by repetitive motion of the forearm muscles. This type of pain is not only related to sports, but it can also affect workers such as paint and carpenters or hobbyists who like to knit or sew. The innovative design of the Bullseye Elbow Strap features a molded silicone pad for targeted compression and the ability to easily apply therapeutic massage to the affected area. Deep tissue massage has been proven to help speed healing of tendinitis. The combination of spacer fabric padding with an ultra-soft face wicks sweat away from skin and keeps the strap comfortable when worn for extended periods of time. The Bullseye's silicone pad also makes it easy for patients to properly position and adjust the strap. The Small/Medium size has a circumference of 9 to 12 inches.