DartActive Accessory, Heavy Duty Door Anchor

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The DartActive Heavy Duty Door Anchor is an accessory for the DartBand. It pairs directly with your DartBands for even more uses, while being small enough to travel with you so you never have to leave your health and fitness goals behind. The door anchor is made with heavy-duty webbing for durability and long-lasting use. The anchor portion utilizes soft dense foam which allows the anchor to stay securely in place, even if there is a gap in the door frame. To use the door anchor, place it over the top or under the door, or any place on either side of the door jam. Make sure the foam roll is on the opposite side of the door from you. Tug on the handle side off the anchor after you have closed the door to ensure it is secured tight. The DartBand can be placed through the loop to use. Or you can attach the DartActive Carabiner to the loop on the door anchor, and the DartBand can attach to the carabiner. Both the DartBand and DartActive Carabiner are sold separately.