Dispute Resolution Policy

Dispute Resolution Policy

1. Introduction

This Dispute Resolution Policy ("Policy") outlines the procedures and guidelines for resolving disputes that may arise between Caliber Fitness & Medical ("Store") and its customers ("Customers"). At Caliber Fitness & Medical, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and resolving any concerns or disputes in a fair and efficient manner.

2. Contact Information

If a Customer has any concerns or disputes related to their purchase or any aspect of our services, they are encouraged to contact our Customer Support Team as follows:

  • Email: admin@caliberfitness.com
  • Phone: 888.827.4472

3. Informal Resolution

We believe in open and direct communication with our Customers. Therefore, we encourage Customers to first attempt to resolve any disputes or concerns informally by contacting our Customer Support Team. Our trained representatives will work diligently to address the issue promptly.

4. Formal Dispute Resolution

If a dispute remains unresolved after attempting an informal resolution with our Customer Support Team, Customers may initiate a formal dispute resolution process as outlined below:

a. Submission of Dispute

Customers must submit their dispute in writing, including all relevant details and supporting documents, to our Customer Support Team via email or mail. The submission should include:

  • Full name and contact information of the Customer.
  • Order number or reference.
  • A clear and concise description of the dispute, including any relevant facts and dates.
  • Copies of any supporting documents or evidence.

b. Review and Response

Upon receiving a formal dispute, our Dispute Resolution Team will review the submission and acknowledge receipt within [Insert Number] business days. We will conduct a thorough investigation, which may involve contacting the Customer for additional information if necessary.

c. Resolution

Our Dispute Resolution Team will make every effort to reach a fair and mutually agreeable resolution within [Insert Number] business days from the date of acknowledgment. This resolution may include a refund, replacement, or other remedies as deemed appropriate.

5. Escalation

If the Customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided by our Dispute Resolution Team, they may request an escalation by contacting the Customer Support Team. The escalation request will be reviewed by a higher-level manager or supervisor who will conduct a further review and provide a final resolution within 7 business days.

6. Legal Remedies

If a Customer remains unsatisfied with the resolution provided by Caliber Fitness & Medical, they retain the right to seek legal remedies available in their jurisdiction.

7. Amendments to the Policy

Caliber Fitness & Medical reserves the right to amend or modify this Dispute Resolution Policy at any time. Updates will be posted on our website with the revised effective date.