EVENup is the easy way to "even up" leg length from hip to sole and make walking a breeze and pain free. Leg length inequality is a common complaint after hip replacement surgery. While surgeons try to leave patients with an equal leg length, there are times when leg lengths may turn out to be different after hip replacement surgery. This discrepancy can lead to back pain and discomfort due to uneven gait when walking with an orthotic walking boot or wound care shoe. The good news is that the EVENup can help! EVENup is an orthotic shoe lift developed by two Podiatrists that is used for compensating temporary leg length discrepancy. It can easily remedy this situation without the need for costly orthopedic shoes by allowing you to walk on even footing and in your own comfortable shoes. There is no foot designation is required, because EVENup works on both the left and right foot. The extra small fits children's shoe sizes 3 through 5 and has 3 height adjustment capabilities of 8mm. 13mm, or 25mm. Please note, it is generally best to choose an EVENup Orthotic Shoe Lift a little too small rather than a little too big.

EVENup Shoe Leveler, X-Small, Each

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