HCI PhysioTrainer PRO

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PhysioTrainer PRO is an all new affordable dual purpose upper and lower body trainer that can be used either on a table top or on the ground. It is portable and can be easily wheeled from one room to another using the swiveling transport handle. When in the stored position, the transport handle can be lifted onto a table top or HCI Fitness UBE Tables which provides a safe and stable training platform. The adjustable-tilt 9" LCD display allows users to comfortably see the large screen and color-coded buttons during upper body and lower body workouts. During workouts users can easily adjust resistance with the touch of a button. The sophisticated display has 21 built-in programs including: QuickStart, Heart Rate Controlled, Constant SPM & WATTS, Goal Set Calories & Distance, and 2 User Defined Customizable programs. The PhysioTrainer PRO includes adjustable cranks for both upper and lower body exercises.