Love Handles are a unique, portable upper body exerciser. This exercise system features a pair of lightweight, elliptical arms that easily attach to most chairs, wheelchairs and even strollers. Attached to a chair, the handles let you stay seated while arms, shoulders, back, stomach and core get strengthened. Attached to a stroller, Love Handles let you take your workout on the go while spending time with your toddler. In addition to strengthening your upper body, using Love Handles with a stroller lets you lose weight and get toned at the same time while you are jogging, walking and power walking. The arms can be moved forward or backwards allowing for a total upper body workout. The Love Handles come fully assembled and just need to be attached for you to get going! This package comes complete with one set of Love Handles and a fully illustrated instruction manual and guide to exercises. Beyond being a great upper body workout, Love Handles provide a terrific cardiovascular workout as well. Increasing or decreasing resistance is as easy as turning the ergonomic knob on the side. Because of their ground-breaking design, users can also do "traditional": exercises such as tricep push-downs and bicep arm curls. Easy to clean with just a damp cloth and a little bit of soap needed to keep your Love Handles looking new. Love Handles are mom and daughter invented, tested and approved.

Love Handles, portable upper body exerciser, 1 pair

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