Rudiger Anatomie Functional Hip Joint with Ligaments

  • Rudiger Anatomie Functional Hip Joint with Ligaments
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Rudiger Anatomie
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This life-sized hip joint model is unmatched in the skeletal industry. It is completely flexible and features a wide range of natural movements. The hip joint displays abduction, anteversion, retroversion, inside and outside rotation. High quality materials are used to replicate human ligament tissue and all bones are cast from original human specimens, providing incredible detail in all skeletal elements. Joint movement varies, similar to real life, from 20? (lateral movement) to 90? (anteversion). This model includes a portion of the femur, including femur head, and a half pelvis. It feels like real bone and flexes like a real joint thanks to the superb craftsmanship that ensures continuation of flexibility even after years of use. The model is mounted on a stand yet is removable as retroversion, internal and external rotation all move to 45?.