Tidalwave Water Exercise Bike, Pink

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This Tidalwave Water Exercise Bike is your gateway to aqua spinning and a great way to get fit. Imagine all the benefits of land-based bike and spinning classes and now triple them. That's the benefit of water exercise - it reduces stress, increases endurance, is great for rehab and helps speed recovery. The Tidalwave bike provides users a fun, invigorating, effective and low impact water workout ideal for physical therapy and getting fit. As with all underwater activity, the joints are subjected to far less stress during aqua spinning than other forms of exercise. This is due to water buoyance and the 'low gravity' effect it has on the body. The water's buoyancy helps provide support to working muscles and joints, and the moisture in the pool draws heat away from the body and helps regulate body temperature. Aqua spinning means less post-training fatigue compared with exercise that takes place out of the water. Users also benefit from improved flexibility, posture and muscle relaxation. Up to eight hundred calories an hour can be burned biking in water, with the support and pressure of the water speeding up blood circulation and eliminating fat and cellulite. Uniquely constructed, the Tidalwave aquatic exercise bike offers a flywheel and folding v-frame design. Multiple resistance levels allow users of all types to exercise at comfortable settings while the added resistance of the water will make some movements more challenging than on dry land. The bike features scratch resistant transport wheels and a standard sport seat. It easily folds for storage. This Water Exercise Bike has a 300 lb. weight capacity and comes in Pink. Aqua spinners also report improved circulation and lowered blood pressure after workouts. The water bike includes an adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars so users of any size can exercise in comfort. Suitable for use in the backyard pool, the bike is durable enough to be used in multi-user environments such as gyms, rec centers, spas and physical therapy pools. The user-friendly design of the bike makes it a wonderful option for locations with limited deck and storage options. The bike is constructed of stainless steel and features a durable powder coat finish.