Tubing for MoveMor Mobility Trainer, amber (level 1)

  • Tubing for MoveMor Mobility Trainer, amber (level 1)
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This is a set of Resistance Tubes for use with the MoveMor Mobility Trainer. The trainer is a groundbreaking lower-body exerciser that is ideal for helping people regain strength, balance and mobility from one safely seated position. The Mobility Trainer combines the effectiveness of elastic resistance tubing with the power of free movement to progressively strengthen ankles, knees and hips for better mobility, leading to feeling better, falling less and living more. More than ten clinical studies have been conducted with older adults using MoveMor for as little as 10 minutes once per week. Results have been consistent, showing that the test subjects demonstrated better balance, increased strength, greater ankle flexibility and increased independence with a reduced risk of falling. MoveMor is so simple to use. Users sit, choose the appropriate resistance level tubing, strap feet in and get moving. As feet and legs glide on or above the board, muscle groups get strengthened. This is the first-ever multi-directional resistance system designed to help improve range-of-motion. There are three fitness levels - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced - there's a resistance level suitable for everyone. This is a complete set of the Amber - Level 1 Resistance Tubing. The MoveMor Trainer and additional tubing is available separately. PLEASE NOTE: The resistance tubing contains Latex. In addition to older adults, those who are inactive, recovering from an injury, post-surgery or managing a chronic condition will also experience greater healing, strength, health and mobility using the MoveMor. Within each fitness level, the resistance tubing is color-coded indicating light and heavy resistance. Without any reconfiguration needed, you can move seamlessly between ankle, knee and hip exercises. With 12-points of targeted resistance around and between each foot, more muscles surrounding joints are strengthened in less time. To clean, wipe the tubes with a damp cloth only since chemicals can cause damage.