• Power Systems Strength Band, Ultra Heavy, Blue
Power Systems Strength Bands are perfect for rehabilitation, fitness, physical therapy and athletic training. Additionally, they are great for anyone looking to improve flexibility and range of motion. These strength bands are so versatile, they can be also be used for muscle toning and conditioning for all major muscle groups. Each band is a generous 41" long, with width and weight dependent upon the specific resistance of the band. Power Systems Strength Bands are a premium exercise band solution, containing natural rubber Latex and all the functionality, elasticity and benefits that come with it. Lightweight, compact and portable, the high quality and superior characteristics of these bands are why they are used for rehab and athletic training in clinics, fitness centers and home gyms. This band is Blue, featuring Ultra Heavy Resistance. Effective when used alone or with handles and anchors. Made with natural rubber Latex which may cause allergic reactions. A well-known staple of most physical therapy offices because progressive resistance bands allow patients to see and experience progress in their rehab and recovery. A guide to choosing the right band as well as samples of exercises are available on the Power Systems website and their YouTube channel. Available in 7 levels of resistance for progressive exercise. Levels range in order of strength from Extra Light (least resistance) to Super Heavy (most resistance). Additional Strength Bands are available separately.

Power Systems Strength Band, Ultra Heavy, Blue

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