Sommerfly, Classic Weighted Shoulder Wrap, Tan Corduroy, Large

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The Classic Weighted Shoulder Wrap fits perfectly and rests gently on the shoulders to help children and adults improve focus and achieve a calm state. Providing a deep pressure touch on the shoulders and around the neck, these wraps are terrific for anyone looking to deepen focus, increase their attention span and stay seated longer. Uniquely designed to move with your body and stay on your shoulders, the wrap will not slip off even when walking. These wraps are made with 100% cotton corduroy and filled with soothing pellets that, when worn on the shoulders around the neck, are an invitation to calmness. This Weighted Shoulder Wrap is sized Large, made of 100% Tan cotton corduroy and weighs 4.5 lbs. It is ideal for someone who weighs 121 lbs. or more, or of approximately adolescent-age or older. The Weighted Shoulder Wrap works great on its own or complements other weighted items such as lap pads or wrap arounds. The PET pellets are made of non-toxic BPA and are phthalate free. The Weighted Shoulder Wrap is triple stitched with an additional fabric reinforced edge on the inside of the inner curve for exceptional durability. So versatile, the wrap helps with desk work, study time, mealtime or whenever calm sitting time needs to be found or increased. Easy to clean, the wrap is machine washable. It can then be placed in a dryer on low heat or air dried.