Anyone with older parents or relatives lives with the fear of them falling at home while all alone. Studies note that 1 out of every 3 seniors fall each year. The Step2Bed Bedside Safety Step is here to bring peace of mind and lower those odds. Put simply, the Step2bed is an essential bed safety fall prevention aid as it shortens the distance from the bed to the floor. Modern beds are high off the ground, requiring people to push themselves off before their feet are firmly planted. For anyone with mobility issues, this is even more dangerous. The Step2Bed helps combine the safety of a step and a grab bar to create a safe bedroom environment. Solid and sturdy, the Step2Bed features steel support grab bars and a 32" extra-wide platform which has enough room for someone to safely turn around and reposition themselves. The platform features non-slip grip tape which also helps reduce the risk of falls. Soft foam padding offers a comfortable grip on the grab bar and the integrated motion activated LED light ensures nobody will be fumbling around in the dark. This is the perfect bedroom assist aid for seniors and anyone else recovering from hip or knee replacements and those suffering from back pain or other mobility injuries. It's also ideal for people with disabilities. The Step2Bed is height adjustable, making it suitable to be used with beds of nearly every height, size and configuration. The durable and attractive Step2Bed is made of stainless steel with a powder coating finish for long term use and satisfaction. A thorough assembly guide is included and no power tools are needed to put the Step2Bed together. An assembly guidance video is also available online, if needed. The height is adjustable from 2.5"-7.5" for any size bed. Versatile, the Step2Bed can be positioned on either side of the bed. At only 21 lbs., repositioning the Step2Bed to accommodate moving the bed or making it is a simple task. Not just for people, older pets will also find the Step2Bed useful in getting on and off the bed. Easy to clean needing a damp warm cloth and some mild soap. Be sure the Step2Bed is completely dry before anyone re-engages with it.

Step2Bed Bedside Safety Step

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