• Rudiger Anatomie Hand and Elbow joint model
This life-size and lifelike hand and elbow joint model displays all the important ligaments of the elbow, lower arm and hand on the right side of the arm. Nowhere else will you find a model that combines the hand, ulna, radius and ligaments all together. Not only that, but they are the full bone too. This model is fully flexible: extension, flexion, pronation and supination are possible. Rotating the hand model reveals parallel and crossed positions of the radius and ulna. The ligamented elbow joints on the model allow for 150 degrees extension and flexion and 90 degrees rotation of the radius. This model includes the lower portion of the humerus, a complete ulna, a complete radius and a complete hand. The unit offers hand joint abduction (25 degrees) and rotation of the radius (180 degrees). Thanks to its superb craftsmanship, that continuation of flexibility is ensured even after years of use. The model is mounted on a stand yet is removable as individual structures of the elbow and hand are easily viewed and identified for advanced study.

Rudiger Anatomie Hand and Elbow joint model

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